Self Serve Water Station

Our self serve water fill station is located at our facility on the corner of 51 Street and 51 Avenue, St. Paul, AB, one block north of main street.  The fill station is just to the east of the main office with it’s own separate entrance and ramp for easier accessibility.

We have four water dispensers available for use and our hours of operation are 8 am – 8 pm Monday to Friday, and 10 am – 6:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday.


We have a change machine on site that dispenses loonies, and during office hours we can give change by debit and credit cards.

Caps are individually wrapped for sanitary purposes and are provided free of charge.  We ask that customers not abuse this by opening or taking more caps than needed, or by taking extra caps to fill your bottles elsewhere.

During COVID 19, extra measures have been taken to ensure the safety of our customers, including limiting access to 2 customers at a time, increased sanitization procedures throughout the day, and availability of hand sanitizer.

‘So, Why Choose Our Fill Station?’


Because we are a water bottling facility, the water you get when you fill at our fill station is the same premium water we produce to fill our bottles for delivery.  It goes through a 4 step process to remove all contaminants and is sterilized with ozone.  We also submit our water for testing monthly to ensure our water is free from bacteria.  We want to ensure you are getting the best drinking water, whether you are getting delivery or filling your bottles yourself.

We have a $2.00 5-gallon refill every day, and have 2 Courtesy Carts available for customer use to help you carry your bottles to your vehicle.

We also have a separate bottle rinser.  While the water dispensers have a rinse option on them already, the stand alone bottle rinser is an extra step to help rinse out anything stuck inside the bottle.

Please remember when using the fill station, that how often you clean your bottle will affect the quality of the water you receive.  Bacteria can create a layer inside your bottle, just like in your cooler, so make sure you clean your bottle regularly.  This also holds true for your water coolers.  Water coolers need to be cleaned at least 3 – 4 times a year or more if needed.  Customers can purchase Bottle Cleaning Solution and Water Cooler Cleaning Kits from our office which can effectively clean your bottles and water coolers.