Right Ice

Right Ice, a division of The Right Water Bottling Company, produces a 6 lb. bag of ice.  Because we have our own ice plant, we are able to offer our customers a consistent steady supply of ice.  

We start with a purified water source through our 4 step water purification process.  This means the water is free of all minerals and contaminants, which creates a  clear cube of ice, rather than an opague cube, leaves nothing “extra” in your drink, and lasts longer.

Right Ice sells mainly to liquor stores, convenience stores, and lake resorts but ice is also available for purchase by clubs, community groups, graduations, weddings and other large gatherings year round.  

Right Ice has been a proud supporter of Haying in the 30’s Cancer Support Society, donating all of the ice used by that organization during their August long weekend festivities.