The Right Water Bottling Company:   In the Beginning…

It all started out with the purchase of Water Pure & Simple in St. Paul, Alberta.

Lorne and Joan Siemers, long time residents of St. Paul and business owners, had a desire to diversify.  They had been successful in the construction business for more than 15 years, and in the carwash business for a year and a half, when the opportunity to purchase Water Pure & Simple – an established business in the community – presented itself.  In July 2011, Lorne and Joan became the new owners of Water Pure & Simple.

Lorne and Joan further expanded the business in May 2012 with the purchase of their closest competitor, Crystal Country Springs from Glendon, Alberta, and merged the two companies together under the new name, “The Right Water Bottling Company”.

The Right Water Bottling Company is involved with the production and delivery of the 5 and 3 gallon water bottles, and service a large area, from Pierceland, Saskatchewan to the east, the Cold Lake bombing range to the North, Vilna to the West, and Frog Lake and Heinsburg to the south.  In addition, they also produce and sell bagged ice under the name, “Right Ice”, and have self serve water dispensers for customer convenience.  The focus of Right Water is on the production and delivery of purified drinking water, and not with the selling or servicing of water purification equipment.

In February 2015, Lorne and Joan were proud to open their new 10,000 square foot facility on 51 Avenue.  This expansion increased warehouse storage and allowed for the addition of the 500 mL custom labelled water bottling line.    Right Water now offers their community the option of custom labelled water bottles for businesses, organizations, community groups, schools, or specialty occasions, like weddings, graduations or even funerals, with short-run production at competitive pricing.

And because Lorne and Joan believe in the importance of education, they offer tours of their facility to school groups wanting to learn about the manufacturing process.  They love seeing the excitement on the faces of the school kids when they tour the facility and watch the bottling process.

Right Water also supports their community by donating water and ice to various organizations, such as Haying in the 30’s.

Lorne and Joan are proud of their community and believe that investing in it will benefit the community as a whole.